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Easybasket in Europe - Hagen

Hagen 9th-10th June 2019 – Launched the 1st January 2019 and ending the 31th December 2020, EIE – Easybasket In Europe, Erasmus + project involving several partners continues its activities: Olimpia Basket Matera, as leader, FIP – Italian Basketball Federation, APD Pielle Basket Matera, ASD Culture and Sport Matera, Comprehensive Institute – former “Pascoli” Media School Matera, Lietuvos Sporto Universitetas, Czech Basketball Federation (Czech Republic Basketball Federation), Deutscher Basketball Bund (Germany Basketball Federation), Danmarks Basketball Forbund (Denmark Basketball Federation), Fundaciòn Red Deporte y Cooperaciòn (NGO based in Madrid). After the appointments in February and March, it has been time for Hagen, Germany to host the project partners, in this case, it was therefore the Deutscher Basketball Bund (German Basketball Federation). The meeting has last two days during which first of all, the state of progress of EIE – Easybasket In Europe has been verified. Maurizio Cremonini, head of the Minibasket sector of the FIP and technical responsible the project itself, Cristiano Grappasonni, representing the APD Pielle Basket Matera, and Francesca Montemurro, for the ASD Cultura e Sport Matera. Also in Hagen, for this second international meeting, the new model of Easybasket was discussed, which is intended to be developed and clearly tested, and a training course, organized by Cremonini, reserved for instructors, coaches and ex-athletes was proposed. The course was completely focused on the new method, always with the idea of ​​sharing sport culture and building together a chance for everyone to play.

“It was concluded in Hagen – declared Maurizio Cremonini – the first of the appointments hosted by a partners aiming to describe the objectives and contents of a project that Matera has generated and that, with the contribution of the FIP staff, is spreading and developing in Europe. It has been two days – added Cremonini – very intense and the interest shown by the approximately 30 participants has been noteworthy: for them it is a different way of thinking about the teaching of the minibasket and the Easybasket, together with the practical session with the children, that has been a positive and important success. We are now ready to think about the upcoming events, however – the minibasket FIP ​​technical manager concluded – I must also point out that this stage in Hagen was well organized, well structured, and the best solutions were proposed to carry out our work; we therefore return to Italy with satisfaction and with the pleasure of having done our duty and with the responsibility of having to give more in the next meetings. “

I denne øvelse skal pigen, der står stille med bolden, vælge det tidspunkt, hun tror er bedst, til at gå på kurven for at score inden pigen længst fra kameraet. De to, der afleverer bliver ved til pigen, der står stille, dribler. Det handler altså om beslutninger og taktik - og at drible hurtigt og skyde. Det næste, instruktøren fortalte, var at man skulle placere spillerne sådan, at de naturligt laver et "slash move" med bolden og øver first step, når de går til kurven. Det er ikke noget, man bruger tid på at fortælle spillerne om, men man placerer dem i situationer, hvor tekniktræningen "bare sker". Det er i modsætning til at placere spillerne på baglinjen og øve de ting helt formelt, kun med fokus på det.
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