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Opdatering af Fordel/Ulempe princippet i Basketball

FIBA har lavet en nyfortolkning af Fordel/Ulempe princippet i basketball.
Nedenfor kan du se en let gennemgang af det nye princip RSBQ – Rythm – Speed – Balance – Quickness.

RSBQ – Rythm - Speed – Balance – Quickness

FIBA has decided to update the advantage/disadvantage principle. This is a short info on the matter to be used by players, coaches and referees.

Art 47.3 - When deciding on a personal contact or violation, the officials shall, in each instance, have regard to and weigh the following fundamental principles:

" Consistency in the application of the concept of 'advantage/disadvantage', whereby the officials should not seek to interrupt the flow of the game unnecessarily in order to penalise personal contact that is incidental and which does not give the player responsible an advantage nor place his opponent at a disadvantage.”
The philosophy of today is:
  • Common sense to each game.
  • A balance between game control and game flow, having a feeling for what the participants are trying to do and calling what is right for the game.
  • Knowledge and understanding of what is incidental(NO CALL) and what is illegal contact.
Referees must evaluate if RSBQ have been influenced and use these key decision factors:
  • What has happened?
  • Who is involved?
  • Why did it happen(responsibility)?
  • Will it affect the game?
These 4 questions will enable the final decision of the referee to call or not to call.

There is only 1 version of the rules that referees can use, anything else creates inconsistency.

Basketball is game of skill and athleticism, which must allow equal opportunities between offense and defence, big or small players. Players are not to gain unfair advantages by using illegal or rough play.

Referees are demanded to think before they blow – they must judge the effect.
  • Handchecking – this is not incidental contact.
  • Swim strokes – this is not incidental contact.
  • Low post play – Rough play is not incidental.
  • In rebounding and on loose balls – “anything goes”-rule doesn’t exist.
  • Transition – Referees shall NOT whistle for a contact if there is no effect to the play.

Usportsmanlike foul is when there is NOT a legitimate attempt to directly play the ball/Excessive hard contact in an effort to play the ball / Contact by the defensive player form behind or laterally on an opponent in an attempt to stop the fast break.


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